Keira McCarthy


Though still in high school, Keira McCarthy has a depth beyond her years evidenced in her film work, music, and the maturity she displays in regularly volunteering for different causes throughout the Los Angeles area.  She was born in Tampa, Florida, and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 10. An early bloomer, Keira’s first roles were at the age of 5 in feature films “Misconceptions” (starring Orlando Jones) and “Uploading to Angels”. She also has roles in “Dhoom 3” (as of 2014, the highest grossing Bollywood Film in North America), the 2015 WiH Massive Blood Drive PSA (an annual initiative by the Soska twins in Canada and directed by Patricia Chica), two web series “Cheer” and “Last Life” (over 3 million views), “A Tricky Treat”, “The Closet” (by Fred Smith, a drama about two teens hiding out in a closet during a school shooting), and “Final Stop” (directed by Emmy winner Bobby Grubic, a drama where Keira is kidnapped). She recently guest starred in two comedy pilots for Channel 101 called “Sorta Mortal Combat” and “Soul Brothers” (both by Shane Hartline). Keira currently studies theatre arts at Beverly Hills High School and acting at the Beverly Hills Playhouse. She also benefitted greatly from her time studying at the Lee Strasberg Institute (West Hollywood) and Warner Laughlin Studios (Hollywood). Keira’s dedication to the arts has her currently enrolled in and working hard in private guitar and voice lessons with highly qualified instructors. She’s also a well-rounded teen who enjoys practicing tae kown do, playing on her high school basketball team, and LOVES to read, cook, draw, beatbox, and skateboard.

Filmmakers' comments:

“Keira is an inspiration. Beautiful inside and out, an accomplished diamond in the making and dedicated soul. I dream of collaborating with her again.”

Patricia Chica, Director/Producer, (worked with Keira in award winning “A Tricky Treat” in 2015)

“No matter how many times I have seen the movie, I always enjoy watching Keira’s convincing performance in this challenging role.”

Elena DeVivo Grubic, Producer, (worked with Keira in award winning “Final Stop”, a drama which touched on human trafficking in 2015)

“I want to put Kiera in more projects. She’s a pro and so talented.”

Jenn Page, Director, (directed Keira in “The Brooke Project” in 2016)
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